What Is SkillsFuture & How Do I Claim SkillsFuture Credits?

CreditMaster March 15, 2022

What Is SkillsFuture & How Do I Claim SkillsFuture Credits?

What-Is-SkillsFuture-And-How-To-Claim-Credits-CreditMasterTechnology’s impact on the workforce landscape is dramatic worldwide. Without enough funds, things get even tougher. Jobs and even entire industries may become obsolete in just the blink of an eye.

Imagine studying for almost twenty years of your life and then working for another five to build your career. Relying on this fragile stability, you finally settle down and create a family. Things can always change for the worst, though.

If you become complacent and don’t keep up with the new inventions in your industry, you can be demoted. Even worse, your whole position becomes irrelevant, and you’re retrenched. If you only know how to do one job, you will struggle to find employment.

That’s why the government has developed the SkillsFuture platform. Each Singapore citizen over 25 years old receives $500 in credits for classes.

Learn how to use this money wisely – otherwise, you’ll be wasting a significant chance. Also, to get extra cash for any of your daily needs, CreditMaster offers affordable financial plans for you.

Luckily, this article guides you through all the essential info so you can find and apply for the right SkillsFuture course.

What Are The SkillsFuture Programmes?

SkillsFuture Courses Available CreditMaster

SkillsFuture amasses several programmes to help everyone upgrade their professional skills:

Enhanced internshipsPoly and ITE studentsWell-organised internships to gain more work experience
SkillsFuture SeriesGeneralTargeted training sessions in the most sought-after modern industries (e.g., the digital sector, analytics, tech, finance, etc.)
MySkillsFutureGeneralOnline portal to manage your education and training goals
SkillsFuture Earn and Learn ProgrammeFresh grads from ITE and poly, plus employersEmployers get subsidies to develop on-the-job training programmes for fresh grads.
SkillsFuture Work-Study Degree ProgrammesUniversity studentsOn-the-job training opportunities at specific companies
TechSkills Accelerator (TeSa)ICT graduates + professionalsDigital skills for ICT professionals and graduates, split into seven programmes for various levels/interests
Young Talent ProgrammeUniversity and poly studentsAllowance for working abroad
SkillsFuture Study AwardsEntry and mid-level workers$5,000 grant for workers who want to learn new skills in economic-growth sectors
Education and Career GuidanceSecondary school studentsCareer and education counselling
P-MaxSMEs and PMEsSMEs receive matching PMEs, HR & communication training, plus a $5,000 grant when finishing this programme
SkillsFuture Career Advisors ProgrammeWorking adultsCareer counselling
SkillsFuture CreditSingaporeans over 25 years old$500 in credit for SkillsFuture education and courses
SkillsFuture AdviceWorking adultsProgrammes and workshops to develop your career
SkillsFuture for Digital WorkplaceWorking adults and employersTech and digital skills in several industries
Skills FrameworkWorking adults and employersDatabase with relevant info on sectors, employment, job roles, and necessary skills, plus the list of training programmes
SkillsFuture Qualification AwardWorking adultsCash prizes for WSQ qualifications
SkillsFuture FellowshipsMid-career workersFellowships for people with a minimum of  10 years of experience
SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced SubsidyWorkers aged 40 and aboveSubsidises up to 90% for SkillsFuture-approved courses
iN.LEARN 2020EmployersTraining for companies and people in innovation for learning design, development, and blended learning
SkillsFuture Employer AwardsEmployersPrize for employees who implement a skills-development and learning culture
SkillsFuture Leadership Development InitiativeEmployersIn-house programmes to create leaders
SkillsFuture SME MentorsSMEsMentorship for SMEs
Training and Adult Education Sector Transformation Plan (TAESTP)Providers and professionals in the training and adult education sectorHelps TAE providers to use SkillsFuture in the training programmes offered to Singaporeans


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    How Much SkillsFuture Credits Can You Get?

    From the slew of SkillsFuture programmes and opportunities above, the SkillsFuture credit is the most appealing to Singaporeans. Let’s see what it can offer you:

    • $500 in a one-time deposit, if you’re a Singapore citizen aged 25 years and above
    • The promise of recurring top-ups for pricier courses

    Most SkillsFuture courses are more expensive than $500, so be careful what you’re using this money for.

    If you need to top up funds for your course, you can consider taking a fast cash loan with reliable financial instititions.


    So, How Do You Claim SkillsFuture Credits?

    Luckily, SkillsFuture has streamlined the credit submission process within seven simple steps:

    1. Create a SkillsFuture Credit Account and log into it.
    2. After logging in, the “Submit a Claim” prompt appears automatically.
    3. Fill in your profile details if you haven’t submitted a claim before.
    4. Go to the “Select a Course” section to pick the course you want to follow.
    5. Finish filling in your online form to include the credit amount you’ll use for that course.
    6. Upload the documents that prove you’re doing the training (e.g., receipt, invoice, etc.)
    7. Click to submit the form, and SkillsFuture will send the requested amount to your course provider. You can see your claim’s status in your account settings.

    The steps above tell you that you need to choose a course before asking for credit. That brings us to the following point:


    How Can You Find SkillsFuture Courses?


    We include this section because the SkillsFuture website doesn’t win any prizes for user experience. It’s not the most intuitive website out there, and you’ll soon find yourself swamped in an ocean of information on the Training Exchange Page.

    Yes, this is the page you must visit to get that perfect SkillsFuture course.

    Your first step is smoothly scrolling to the search bar, where you can filter the courses according to the variables below:

    • Training area
    • SkillsFuture series
    • Supporting public agencies
    • Specific providers
    • Provider types
    • Qualifications
    • Start date
    • Facilities (e.g., wheelchair-accessible)

    The only missing filter that would have been extremely useful is the courses’ validity date. Instead, you have to click on each class to determine when the claim period runs out.

    Each course features information on:

    • Its full-cost price. Remember to check the course provider’s website for the actual price in case there are any WSG subsidies
    • Eligibility period. Choose a course for which you can still enrol.
    • You can complete the shortest courses within a few hours, whereas others last for years.
    • Training mode. You can pick between full-time and part-time training.
    • Although most courses are in English, some are in Mandarin and Malay. Ensure you speak the course’s language before enrolling.
    • Each course has different eligibility standards, such as your education, job experience, and career level. Make sure you meet these conditions.


    Best SkillsFuture Courses In Singapore

    The best SkillsFuture Courses depend on your interests and career goals. However, it’s wise to choose a practical area of study that can actively support your goals.

    You can pick a course to upskill your current knowledge or learn something completely new. Either way, ensure the class can create better opportunities for you in the workforce – and we can’t stress that enough.

    Here are some popular options:

    1. Big Data Analytics and AI / Machine Learning with Python Coding

    The course provided by APPS PTE. LTD. costs $1500 and stretches for 24 hours in a part-time training mode. The training is in English and addresses people who want to learn programming fundamentals.

    After finishing this course, you’ll be able to:

    • Write computer programs using Python
    • Use Python libraries for data analytics and machine learning
    • Diagnose problems


    2. Create / Design Website And Online Store / Online Shopping / E-Commerce In One Day

    This course is available until the end of February 2023. In just eight hours and a part-time mode of training, you’ll learn to create and change your e-commerce website. This course is helpful if you have an online store or want to upskill your marketing abilities to e-commerce website creation.

    You will learn how to:

    • Add images and text
    • Create and manage product pages
    • Monitor delivery
    • Improve SEO

    Best of all, the course only costs $390 – so you can cover its entire price using SkillsFuture credit.


    3. Customer Service & Quality

    Offered by the Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the Customer Service & Quality Course only costs $430.

    After this course, you will learn how to address your customers’ needs by speaking their language. As a result, you will enhance customer retention and loyalty. Even better, you’ll learn how to deal with demanding customers.



    How Do You Apply For SkillsFuture Courses?

    You can’t apply on the SkillsFuture platform for the course you want to do; you’ll have to get in touch with the course provider.

    It’s easy: Just click on their name on the SkillsFuture course page to find their official website. Go to their website to see other helpful contact information to enrol.

    The real problem begins when you find an expensive course you love.

    Some AI, machine learning, and healthcare programmes cost somewhere in the four to five-figure range. That price can be discouraging if you have an entry-level salary or looking at being retrenched.

    Don’t be disheartened! There are always ways to go around it.


    Here are your solutions:

    • Check the training’s actual price on the provider’s website. Some of these courses are heavily subsidised, and you may be in luck.
    • Check for an alternative course. For example, your big goal can be a new job as a blockchain architect. However, a specific class is too expensive because it touches too many points. The solution is breaking down your goal into smaller objectives and finding affordable courses for each step of the way. In the meantime, you can keep your current job or find a new work position to save money for future classes.
    • Check with your employer. If you want to upgrade your skills, maybe they can fund the course or at least part of it.
    • Get an affordable loan. A personal loan is an investment into your future, better-paying career. Getting a loan is not always a bad option.

    A $10,000 loan with a reasonable $300/month installment will help you get from a $20,000 yearly income to $50,000 and above. Credit Master offers some of the lowest interest rates for study loans in Singapore, along with fast disbursement and flexible repayment plans. Also, if you’re facing retrenchment or any financial urgency, we have streamlined quick emergency loans to get you through these challenging times.

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