What Does A Money Lender Do: The Definitive Singapore Guide

Dexter Lee October 3, 2023

What Does A Money Lender Do: The Definitive Singapore Guide

What Does A Money Lender Do: The Definitive Singapore Guide

In the hustle and bustle of life, we sometimes need instant cash for various reasons. It could be for unexpected medical expenditures, business expansion, or even furthering one’s education. In Singapore, regulated moneylenders are critical in providing immediate cash loans to borrowers. 

However, it is essential to understand their position, the legislation that governs them, and how to avoid loan fraud by unauthorised moneylenders.

Let’s dive in!

So, What Does A Money Lender Do

A money lender, a licensed moneylender in Singapore, provides financial aid to people needing quick cash loans. Their position is critical in providing a quick and easy answer to financial difficulties. Here is a detailed response answering the question: What does a money lender do:

  • Offer instant loans to Singaporeans
  • Ensure the Ministry of Law regulates them
  • Observe Moneylenders Act Compliance
  • Provide an accessible alternative to traditional banks

How Licensed Moneylenders Are Regulated By The Ministry Of Law

The Ministry of Law enforces rigorous controls on licensed moneylenders in Singapore to guarantee that individuals have a reputable and legal source of immediate cash loans. These restrictions are in place to protect borrowers’ interests and the integrity of the lending industry.

Compliance With The Moneylenders Act And Registration In The Official Registry Of Moneylenders

Licensed moneylenders must adhere to the Moneylenders Act, which outlines the legal framework for their operations. One of the crucial requirements for a legal process is registration in the official Registry of Moneylenders. This registry serves as a public record of licensed moneylenders, allowing borrowers to verify the legitimacy of a lender before engaging with them.

By being registered in this official registry, licensed moneylenders in Singapore demonstrate their commitment to transparency and compliance with the law. It ensures that borrowers have confidence in their dealings with these institutions.

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How To Avoid Loan Scams By Unauthorised Moneylenders

How To Avoid Loan Scams By Unauthorised Moneylenders

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    When looking for financial aid, it is critical to avoid loan scams. Unlicensed moneylenders operate outside of the regulatory framework, exposing borrowers to exploitation. Here’s how to safeguard yourself:

    Importance Of Verifying The Moneylender’s License:

    Always check the license of the moneylender. Check the official Moneylenders Registry to see if they are a legal, licensed organisation. Unauthorised moneylenders may violate lending laws and lure borrowers into fraudulent deals.

    Methods To Identify A Loan Scam

    Be vigilant and watch for red flags that may indicate a loan scam:

    • Unsolicited offers
    • Upfront fees
    • Lack of paperwork
    • Unrealistic promises

    Banks VS Licensed Moneylenders: A Singaporean Perspective

    Choosing between a bank and a licensed moneylender is influenced by various factors. Let’s explore the key considerations:

    • Banks often provide more significant loan amounts, making them appropriate for substantial expenditures such as home purchases or company investments.

    Moneylenders provide smaller loans for short-term financial requirements such as medical bills or tuition.

    •  Banks can access cheaper capital and often provide lower interest rates than moneylenders.

    Moneylenders may demand higher interest rates to offset the risk of unsecured loans while giving faster access to funds.

    • Banks frequently have severe eligibility standards, such as solid credit scores and consistent income.

    Moneylenders often have less stringent eligibility restrictions, making them available to a broader range of borrowers, including those with poor credit.

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Borrowing From Banks


    • Lower interest rates
    • Larger loan amounts
    • Longer repayment terms


    • Stringent eligibility criteria
    • Longer approval processes

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Borrowing From Licensed Moneylenders


    • Quick approvals
    • Lenient credit score assessments
    • Smaller loan amounts


    • Higher interest rates
    • Smaller loan amounts
    • Shorter repayment terms

    Benefits Of Engaging With A Legal Moneylender

    Working with a licensed moneylender in Singapore can provide various benefits when faced with financial difficulties or the need for quick cash. Here are several significant advantages:

    Quick Approvals And Lenient Credit Score Assessments

    Legal moneylenders are well-known for their quick approval procedures. They recognise the urgency of financial needs and frequently deliver speedy approvals, ensuring borrowers acquire the funds they desire as soon as possible.

    Moneylenders may have more liberal credit score evaluations than typical banks. Individuals with less-than-perfect credit records may still be eligible for loans, giving them a more accessible alternative for a broader spectrum of consumers.

    Flexibility In Loan Agreements

    Legal moneylenders understand that borrowers’ financial situations and needs vary. They provide flexibility in lending arrangements to enable this. Borrowers can frequently modify loan conditions to their repayment capabilities and needs.

    The adaptability extends to the loan type, interest rate, and payback schedule options, allowing borrowers to personalise their loan experience.

    Scenarios Where Approaching A Moneylender Is Inadvisable

    While authorised moneylenders provide significant financial solutions, there are times when engaging them is not the best option. Consider the following scenarios:

    Risks Associated With Late Payments And Elevated Interest Rates

    Legal moneylenders may charge higher interest rates to offset the risk of lending to people with diverse credit histories, particularly on unsecured loans.

    Late payments can result in increased interest rates and fees, raising the total cost of the loan. To prevent these dangers, borrowers must understand the terms of their loan agreements and commit to regular repayments.

    Circumstances Where A Bank Loan Is More Favourable

    A bank loan may be more beneficial due to lower interest rates and bigger loan amounts for significant financial needs such as home purchases or long-term investments.

    Banks generally offer longer repayment terms, lowering borrowers’ monthly payments on large loans.

    Those with good credit and stable financial positions may find it helpful to look into bank loans because they can get better conditions.

    Inquiries To Make To Avoid Being Overcharged

    Being well-informed while dealing with a licensed moneylender in Singapore is critical to preventing overcharging. Here are some questions to ask and things to think about:

    Understanding Various Fees And Charges

    Before agreeing to a loan, request a thorough breakdown of all fees related to the loan from the moneylender. It should include the following:

    • Learn about the annual percentage rate (APR) and its calculation
    • Inquire about any processing or administrative fees that may apply
    • Understand the consequences of late or missed payments
    • In the event of a disagreement, be aware of any legal fees
    • Determine whether there are any penalties for returning the loan early

    Legal Limitations On What Moneylenders Can Charge In Singapore

    Learn about the legal constraints on fees imposed by Singapore moneylenders. These restrictions are put in place to safeguard borrowers from paying exorbitant fees. Here are several critical legal limits as of my most recent information update in September 2021:

    • A monthly interest rate cap of 4% applies to moneylenders
    • Late payment penalties are limited to $60 per month
    • The moneylender’s administrative fee can be at most 10% of the principal loan amount
    • The borrowing cost, including all interest and fees, cannot exceed the loan principal

    Types Of Loans Offered By Moneylenders

    Moneylenders typically provide two kinds of loans: secured and unsecured. Each category has its own set of requirements and applicability:

    Secured Loans

    • Applicability: To secure a loan, collateral, such as a valued item or property, is required. This collateral serves as security for the lender if the borrower defaults on the loan.
    • Prerequisites: Borrowers must have an asset that meets the moneylender’s collateral requirements. The value of the collateral frequently determines the loan amount and interest rate. Secured loans are appropriate for people who own valuable assets and are willing to utilise them to secure the loan.

    Unsecured Loans

    • Applicability: Unsecured loans do not necessitate collateral. They are issued depending on the borrower’s creditworthiness and loan repayment ability. These loans are often of a lesser size.
    • Prerequisites: Borrowers must meet specific income and credit score standards to qualify for unsecured loans. To evaluate eligibility, moneylenders look at the borrower’s financial status and credit history. Unsecured loans are appropriate for persons with no collateral but a stable income and creditworthiness.

    Procedure For Applying For A Loan In Singapore

    Applying for a loan with a licensed rapid moneylender in Singapore is simple. The typical procedure is as follows:

    1. Gather the necessary documents: These often include evidence of identity (e.g., NRIC or passport), proof of income (e.g., pay slips or bank statements), proof of residency, and any additional documents requested by the moneylender.
    2. Complete the loan application form: As required, submit accurate and complete information.
    3. Submitting the form: Send your loan application form and all other documentation to the moneylender for review.  The moneylender will review your application and verify your name, income, and other pertinent information. They will also run a credit check on you to determine your creditworthiness.
    4. Accepting the loan: If your application is granted, the moneylender will send you a loan offer that includes the loan amount, interest rate, repayment conditions, and applicable fees. If you accept the terms, you must sign the loan agreement to complete the transaction. Depending on their procedures, the moneylender will disburse the loan amount to you in cash or via bank transfer.
    5. Repayment: Stick to the agreed-upon repayment plan, making timely payments under the loan agreement provisions.

    Importance Of Comparing Interest Rates And Repayment Terms

    Comparing interest rates and payback terms is vital when applying for a loan in Singapore. Here’s why it’s critical:

    • Borrowing cost: By comparing rates from various moneylenders, you can select the one with the most competitive interest rate, lowering the overall cost of your loan.
    • Repayment terms: By evaluating these terms, you can choose a loan that matches your financial capabilities and preferences.
    • Preventing overcommitment: A careful comparison will assist you in avoiding overspending financially. It guarantees that you select a loan with manageable monthly instalments and appropriate repayment duration. It aids in lowering the danger of financial stress.

    Reasons For Loan Rejection By Moneylenders

    Loan rejection by moneylenders can occur for various reasons, including:

    • Lack of income 
    • Poor repayment history 
    • Weak creditworthiness 
    • Having many existing loans or a high debt-to-income ratio

    Risk Assessment Methods Employed By Moneylenders

    To analyse loan applicants, moneylenders use a variety of risk assessment methodologies. Among these methods are:

    • Credit check 
    • Income verification 
    • Affordability evaluation 
    • Collateral evaluation 

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