Bad Credit Loan Singapore

Bad Credit Loan Singapore

Welcome to CreditMaster Pte Ltd, the premier legal money lender in Singapore providing low interest personal loans for people with bad credit.

We appreciate that while the economy might be showing a positive outlook, things are still tough in most households. Therefore if you got urgent financial needs, we are here to provide fast access to cash through our personal loans.

Wish you could access fast personal loan approval from a licensed money lender? Whatever pressing financial needs you have, our team is ready to offer a tailor-made loan to suit your needs.

Our commitment is to provide tip-top customer satisfaction and it is the factor we go an extra mile to provide fast approval, flexible repayment plans and quick disbursement of cash to you.

The Company in Brief

We are a company built on integrity and trust and these attributes have helped us create a loyal client base over the years. CreditMaster Pte Ltd is duly licensed by the Ministry of Law and our commitment is to stick to the highest ethical standards as provided for by the law.

At CreditMaster, we have invested heavily in highly trained financial advisors who will help you make the best decision during the loan process. For all your urgent financial concerns, we guarantee to provide the timeliest solutions. We treat all customers with the highest regard and this has made us one of the most recommended lenders in Singapore.

Our customer ratings are high and we pride ourselves on getting most of our new clients from referrals. Whether you need quick cash for school fees or to clear a medical bill, get in touch with us for one of the most reliable personal loan solutions.

Our Fast Cash Personal Loans

We offer unsecured loans to qualified individuals and they can be used to meet any personal needs. Our tailored loan package is designed to meet your unique financial needs. We appreciate every person has different needs and we have no one-size-fits-all loan solutions.

To get approved for an individual lending in Singapore, below are some of the qualification requirements:

  • A Singapore citizen over 21 years of age
  • A foreigner with a legitimate job authorization (S Pass)
  • NRIC Photocopy (both sides)
  • Not bankrupt
  • Tenancy agreement for foreigners
  • Proof of address (PUB bill or handphone bill)
  • Evidence of income

Our personal loans are designed to help you push through the tough economic times. We appreciate that it might not be possible for your salary to meet emergency cash needs. Especially the high cost of living in the country coupled with slow economic growth has made things worse for household owners.

At CreditMaster, we come in to give relief by offering quick access from a reputable and licensed money lender perspective. We provide credible personal loans to eliminate the need to borrow from family or friends because they might also be going through similar constraints.

Our Personal Loan Process

We guarantee to provide easy and fast loan approvals in Singapore.

We guarantee to provide easy and fast loan approvals in Singapore.
We guarantee to provide easy and fast loan approvals in Singapore.

Our fast cash loans have all these features:

Easy access:
Our clients can easily access our personal loans by filling an online form and attaching the required documents. This can be done from the comfort of your home or office.

Fast disbursement:
Cash or cheque will disburse to you upon loan agreement signed by both parties. We appreciate that you might be undergoing an emergency and we have already committed to help you.

Flexible repayment plans:
Every borrower is unique and we go an extra mile to provide a repayment rate and schedule that fully fits your income. Whichever financial concern you might have, don’t hesitate to call us. We helped thousands of families to move on with their lives comfortably through our flexible personal loans.  We invite you to call us for more information regarding our loan products.

CreditMaster provides an unparalleled service you can trust, and our solid reputation is our greatest asset. With confidence from thousands of other people, we would therefore like you to also try our exceptional loan services.

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