How Do I Increase My Credit Card Limit?

Dexter Lee June 5, 2024

How Do I Increase My Credit Card Limit?

Key Takeaways

To increase your credit card limit in Singapore, you can negotiate a temporary increase for specific needs, request a permanent review based on higher income, or make advance payments to boost available credit temporarily. Each bank has its processes; for example, UOB, DBS, and Citibank offer online applications and mobile app options. Responsible credit management is crucial to maintaining financial health.

Imagine this: You’re about to make a significant purchase, perhaps a new refrigerator or an extravagant gift, but you hit a snag—your credit card limit is too low. It’s a common frustration for many, especially when you’ve been responsibly managing your finances.

Increasing your credit card limit can provide you with the financial flexibility you need, but it’s essential to approach this carefully and responsibly.

This article will help you understand credit card limits in Singapore, various methods of increasing them, and considerations for applying for higher limits with major banks.

What Are Credit Card Limits?

In Singapore, credit card limits are not arbitrarily set by banks; they follow specific guidelines established by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Understanding these guidelines can demystify the process and help you make informed decisions.

Credit Limit Calculation

Credit card limits are primarily based on your annual income and age. For those under 55 years old, here’s a breakdown:

  • Income below or equal to $30,000/year: The credit limit is a maximum of double your monthly income.
  • Income between $30,000 and $120,000/year: The limit is four times your monthly income.
  • Income over $120,000/year: There is no cap on your credit limit.

For individuals aged 55 and above, the rules shift slightly, reflecting accumulated wealth:

  • Income below or equal to $15,000/year: Your credit limit is $2,500.
  • Income between $15,000 and $30,000/year: The limit is two times your monthly income.
  • Income between $30,000 and $120,000/year: The limit is four times your monthly income.

Why These Limits Matter

The credit limit set by banks, following the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) guidelines, is not just a number but a measure to ensure financial stability and responsible borrowing.

Protection for Borrowers

Credit limits protect borrowers from the risk of overextending their finances. By capping the amount you can borrow based on your income, these limits ensure that your debt remains manageable. Here’s why this is important:

  • Avoiding Debt Accumulation: Higher credit limits can tempt some to spend beyond their means. With a set limit, you are less likely to accumulate debt you cannot repay.
  • Financial Discipline: These limits encourage financial discipline. Knowing you have a cap on your spending forces you to budget and prioritise your expenses.
  • Preventing Financial Strain: Unexpected expenses can arise, and having a manageable credit limit ensures that any debt incurred does not put undue financial strain on you or your family.

Protection for Lenders

From the banks’ perspective, these limits are essential for mitigating risk:

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    • Risk Management: By aligning credit limits with the borrower’s income, banks can better manage the risk of default. It ensures that borrowers have the financial capacity to repay their debts.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to MAS guidelines is mandatory. These regulations are designed to maintain the financial system’s integrity and protect consumers.
    • Creditworthiness Assessment: Regular reviews and adjustments of credit limits based on income changes help banks assess their customers’ ongoing creditworthiness, reducing the likelihood of bad debt.

    Economic Stability

    On a broader scale, credit limits contribute to the overall stability of the economy:

    • Preventing Systemic Risk: Excessive lending can lead to systemic risk, where defaults by many individuals can impact the entire financial system. Controlled credit limits help avoid such scenarios.
    • Consumer Confidence: When consumers know that credit limits are set based on robust guidelines, they have more confidence in the banking system. They can trust that their borrowing and spending will not ruin their finances.

    Encouraging Responsible Lending

    Banks are motivated to lend responsibly, balancing generating revenue through interest with maintaining a healthy financial portfolio. Credit limits are part of this balance, ensuring that loans are given to those who can afford them and fostering a responsible lending and borrowing culture.

    Educational Opportunity

    Credit limits also serve as an educational tool for borrowers:

    • Understanding Credit Utilisation: Knowing how your credit limit affects your credit score can motivate you to maintain a lower balance, improving your overall financial health.
    • Financial Planning: Learning about the factors that determine credit limits can encourage better financial planning and income management.

    How Do I Increase My Credit Card Limit?

    Now that you understand how credit card limits are set let’s explore practical steps to increase them. Whether you need a temporary boost for a significant purchase or a permanent increase, there are several methods to consider.

    Negotiate a Temporary Credit Limit Increase

    Sometimes, life throws curveballs that require more financial leeway, such as medical emergencies or once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings. In such cases, negotiating a temporary increase can be a viable option.

    Temporary increases are beneficial because they provide financial flexibility without long-term implications. However, it’s crucial to ensure you can manage the additional repayments to avoid falling into debt.

    • Situations for Temporary Increase: Events like weddings, hospitalisations, or funerals are typical scenarios where banks might consider a temporary credit limit increase.
    • Documentation Required: Banks usually ask for proof of the situation, such as medical bills or wedding invoices, and evidence of your ability to repay the increased limit.

    Request a Credit Limit Review

    Requesting a credit limit review is an effective strategy for a more permanent solution, notably if your financial situation has improved. A permanent increase can offer long-term financial benefits, such as improved credit scores due to higher available credit.

    • Conditions for Review: Significant increases in income, such as a promotion or a new job, can warrant a review.
    • Necessary Paperwork: You must provide documentation verifying your increased earnings, such as recent payslips or employment letters.

    Make an Advance Payment

    Another straightforward method to increase your credit limit is by making an advance payment. This approach temporarily boosts your available credit, making it ideal for managing more significant expenses.

    • Process: Contact your bank to understand their specific requirements for advance payments. Typically, this involves paying a portion of your balance ahead of schedule.
    • Benefits: This method increases your credit limit and helps reduce your outstanding debt, positively affecting your credit score.

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    Apply for Another Credit Card

    Applying for another credit card can be an alternative. While this doesn’t technically increase your limit on a single card, it does increase your overall available credit.

    Managing multiple cards can provide more spending power, but it also comes with the risk of accumulating more debt if not handled properly. Ensure you can handle the repayments on all your cards to maintain a healthy credit score.

    Applying for a Higher Credit Card Limit With Major Banks

    Different banks in Singapore have varied processes for applying for a higher credit card limit. Here’s a closer look at how to go by the application procedures for some of the major banks.

    UOB Credit Limit Increase

    Applying for a credit limit increase with UOB is straightforward, leveraging modern digital platforms for convenience:

    • Use MyInfo to make a quick application through the UOB website.
    • Foreigners or those without SingPass can log in to UOB Personal Internet Banking or complete the Credit Limit Review Form.
    • For temporary increases, UOB TMRW provides instant approval for valid reasons like medical expenses or weddings.

    DBS Credit Limit Increase

    By utilising their online banking services, DBS offers a simple process for increasing your credit limit:

    • Log in to Digibank Online.
    • Enter the new limit within the permissible range and specify the reason for the increase.
    • Submit your application, and DBS will review it promptly.

    Citibank Credit Limit Increase

    Citibank provides permanent and temporary credit limit increase options through their mobile app and traditional forms:

    • Use the Citi Mobile app to request an increase. Select “Credit Card” or “Ready Credit,” then choose either a permanent or temporary limit increase.
    • If you prefer to use something other than the app, download the request form, fill it out, attach proof of income documents, and email it to Citibank.

    Increase Your Credit Card Limit Today

    Increasing your credit card limit can significantly enhance your financial flexibility but requires careful consideration and responsible management. By understanding the guidelines set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and exploring various methods, you can find the best approach to suit your needs.

    Always weigh each method’s benefits, whether initiating a temporary increase, requesting a permanent review, making advance payments, or applying for additional cards. Responsible credit management is critical to maintaining financial health and ensuring meeting obligations.

    If you’re considering other financial solutions, CreditMaster offers personalised options to meet your needs. Visit our application page to learn more and apply for a loan today.


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