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Best Gym Membership Guide In Singapore With Pay-Per-Entry And Membership Fees

Best Gym Membership Guide In Singapore With Pay-Per-Entry And Membership Fees  


Whether you are looking to shed off weight or to simply keep fit, working out at a gym is a practical idea.

If you are interested in visiting the gym regularly to achieve particular health and fitness goals, good for you! We know that some of our readers might be planning to lose weight to attain their optimum figure for their upcoming wedding. With that, are you wondering how much gym memberships cost and which is the best or cheapest gym?

Singapore is filled with gyms. Be it regular gyms, 24 hours gyms, high-end gyms, luxury gyms or goal-oriented gyms, there are more than 20 gyms for you to choose from. So, how do you choose the gym that suits your lifestyle? There are various factors that you should consider when making this choice. These include the availability of gym equipment, cost, location and opening hours. If you are still wondering about how to begin your search or choose a gym in Singapore, this guide can be a useful resource to help you make an informed decision based on aspects that range from affordability to specialised routines and versatile training options.

However, before thinking about gym membership details and financial implications, the following are some key points that are worth keeping in mind.


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gym In Singapore


It may be surprising to discover that a significant percentage of gym memberships do not get used. Basically, you end up paying more than what you use. Your gym pass ends up collecting dust. That may be due to lack of motivation or not choosing the right gym according to your requirements.

Doing sufficient research first is essential for avoiding a gym membership that you cannot use effectively.

Membership Costs And Contracts

These will ultimately depend on how long you plan to dedicate your time to the gym. Gyms usually provide fixed-term contracts that range from one to 12 months. You are more likely to enjoy better deals when you sign up for extended periods.

To attract the public, gyms often give discounts when members pay for their membership fees annually, rather than monthly. It is important to note that these types of memberships cannot be transferred and can be hard to terminate in case of unforeseen circumstances. Once you’ve paid, you are unlikely to get your money back.

Locations And Opening Hours

Think about your workplace, your weekly schedule and your home. Which gym provides the greatest accessibility and convenience for you?

Location is a critical factor in choosing your gym. If you prefer to gym during weekends and before work, it is a good idea to pick a gym located close to you. However, if you want to the gym after work or during your breaks, you may choose a gym that is nearer to your workplace.

Opening hours play a crucial factor in making your decision as well. If you are an early riser, perhaps a 24-hour gym will suit your timetable best.

Some gyms such as Anytime Fitness have several outlets across Singapore so that you can easily pop by the gym when you want to workout.

Equipment And Facilities

Some gyms offer more equipment. For example, some have a greater variety of dumbbells, more squat racks, more bench presses or more treadmills.

It typically depends on how much your membership costs. Gyms vary in terms of how equipped they are as they offer different rates. You should also consider whether the gym provides the equipment you need and the other facilities they offer.

If you want to be able to change your clothes and freshen up, it is essential to choose a gym that consists of appropriate facilities and showers. A locker, for example, enables you to store your belongings while working out.

Personal Trainers

One of the greatest concerns people have is to exercise with the wrong posture. Some of us might be unsure of our workout positions and none of us will want to develop any long-term injury.

Some gyms provide personal training services, while others do not. Take this into consideration if you need a personal trainer to enhance your exercise routines.

Group Exercises

A group class may be a good option if you want a break from a typical exercise session or are not familiar with the variety of equipment in the gym. You can sign up for classes such as Crossfit, Pilates and Yoga. Find out whether courses for groups are available in the gym membership fee or additional payment is required for them.

Making a decision to join a gym and researching your options is an important step that people ranging from sports enthusiasts to bodybuilders take to become fitter and healthier or reach a fitness goal. Picking a gym can be challenging, but it does not have to be.

Before making a final choice, you should find out the following information:

Alright, now that you know what you should look out for, here’s a comprehensive list of gyms and gym membership fees in Singapore.


Comprehensive List Of Gyms And Gym Membership Prices In Singapore 

Comprehensive-List-Of-Gyms-And-Gym-Membership-Prices-In-Singapore CreditMaster-Licensed-Moneylender


Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness offers the critical advantage of being open at all times with an efficient team of trainers. It has earned its reputation for being among the best gyms in the world with thousands of locations in different countries. With the Anytime Fitness dongle, you can enter and access any Anytime Fitness gym, anywhere in the world. You can choose to train at their HillV2 outlet on Monday and train at Anytime Fitness Paya Lebar on Wednesday.

Reach their website here.

Fitness First

Safra EnergyOne


Gymmboxx stands out as an affordable option that caters to a diverse group of clients in Singapore, especially for users who want to avoid commitment. Simply pay-per-entry. All the locations provide personal training services, and the gym also offers various promotions and plans different events.

Reach their website here.

Virgin Active

Virgin Active operates on a global scale with a location in 8 countries and numerous clients. The gym gives you a chance to enjoy a free tour that makes it easier for you to pick the ideal program for your specified needs.

Reach their website here.

Pure Fitness

Pure Fitness is famous for its classes and professional trainers who cater to different levels of Fitness, which ensures that there is something for everyone.

Reach their website here.

True Fitness

Gold’s Gym Singapore

Dennis Gym


Do Your Due Diligence Before Signing Any Gym Membership 

Do your research before making any decision that requires you to spend a substantial sum of money. Weigh your options and the value of the gym membership in regards to the facilities that are available and what you plan to achieve from joining a gym.

Alternatively, you can consult friends and family members who are already members and consider participating in free trials that the gym may offer.

Making The Right Choice

It can be challenging to determine the gym that is most suitable for your needs when you are unfamiliar with the gym and fitness lifestyle. Before making a choice and signing up, visit some locally based gyms and choose an option that will motivate you and enhance an active lifestyle.

The good news is that many gyms often offer free trials for potential members to try-out. With this, you can gain experience and find out which gym is suitable for you. No excuses, start exercising today and begin a healthier lifestyle!

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