12 Exclusive Side Gigs For Singaporeans To Earn Extra Income (2020 Update)

CreditMaster April 16, 2020

12 Exclusive Side Gigs For Singaporeans To Earn Extra Income (2020 Update)


Earn extra money? As long as it’s legal, I’m in!

Most of us might jump at the idea of making a little more money, other than simply depending on our full time job.

For some, it might be to pay off debt. For others it might be to increase savings or have more disposable income to engage in the things they love. Others might simply be looking to improve their living conditions.

Luckily, there are many opportunities in Singapore to increase one’s earning power. Here are some things that anyone can do to earn a little extra money:

1. Become A Tutor

This job works very well for undergraduates. The work is readily available, and the pay is pretty reasonable. Singapore’s education is known for being extremely vigorous. It’s no surprise that parents are willing to shell out extra money to ensure that their children stay on top of their class and get into the best schools.

By tutoring students in primary school, you can earn between $20 – $25 per hour. Tutoring secondary school students can get you between $30 and $35 for tutoring a student for an hour.

Tutoring JC students is slightly more lucrative at $40 an hour. MOE teachers can charge between $50 and $70 an hour when tutoring students in lower secondary, and $120 if it is a JC student.

2. Retail Goods Online

One of the best things you can do is to find a retail niche of say bags, crafts, accessories, beauty products and the like and sell them online.

The important thing here is to find your niche and market your products well. With the advent of social media these days, you can use the various social media platforms to sell your products online and earn extra cash while doing so.

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    3. Babysitting


    This opportunity would most probably only work for those who love kids.

    Parents require babysitting services all the time. The easiest way to start is to start talking to your family and friends and letting them know that you are open to babysitting their child or children over the weekends or whenever you are free. You should ensure that you charge a reasonable rate and be willing to learn and adjust as you work in various households.

    If you look for a babysitting job through an agency, it will typically cost $25 per hour for ad hoc babysitting sessions.

    4. Work With Animals

    Some of us have a real affinity for animals.

    This makes you ideal for services such as dog walking, pet sitting and even pet boarding. People with animals need help with them whenever they need to travel for work or go on vacation.

    As a sitter, you will be expected to clean up the pets, play with them, and walk them for exercise. For these services you can comfortably charge between $10 and $45 an hour. Pet boarding starts at around $30 each night and dog walking at $15 per session.

    5. Plan Experiences For Tourists And Become Their Tour Guide

    Singapore receives its fair share of tourists every year and you should consider taking advantage of that to make some money.

    Put your knowledge of Singapore and it’s history to the test! Once you have planned an unparalleled itinerary experience for tourists, you can submit your ideas to platforms like Airbnb for them to review and publish it. When tourists visiting Singapore book your itinerary, you’ll get to determine your price and group size.

    Not only do you earn extra money from this gig, you also get to expand your horizons by meeting people across the world!

    6. Teach A Musical Instrument


    If you’re musically inclined and have the proper certifications, teaching a musical instrument might just be the right side gig for you!

    You can pass on your contact to music schools who might be able to contact you when they have a student available looking for a private musical tutor. Depending on your qualifications, you should be able to earn at least a minimum of $60 an hour.

    7. Take Surveys Online

    This is one of those opportunities that do not require any major skills whatsoever. You simply need to take some online surveys and earn points which can then be exchanged for vouchers or gift cards. He or she will literally be making money by simply giving an opinion.

    Websites such as Toluna, AIP Online Surveys and Your Voice are all examples of websites where you can participate in free surveys.

    8. Freelance Designing

    As we see the world becoming more digitalised, this can also mean that if you have a skill, you can market it.

    If you don’t wish to set up your online shop and market your products, you can do so through websites such as Fiverr where you can make money out of things such as graphic/logo designing.

    9. Homemade Food

    Everyone loves well done homemade food, but with many so busy with work and school among other things, they may not be able to make and enjoy some of their favorite foods.

    If you can afford the make brownies, pies, noodles, sandwiches and the like, you can sell them at a good price. Licensing issues are not a problem as long as you maintain a level of cleanliness. To start, you can start sharing your food on platforms like Share Food Singapore.

    10. Freelance Writing

    Those with a flair for writing have a great opportunity for money making as freelance writers.

    You can create written content for websites, newspapers and sites, magazines and so much more. The commitments can be both short and long term and you can charge as much as $200 – $500 for a generic 1,000 word article.

    11. Personal Shopper


    Anyone who enjoys shopping can offer services as a personal shopper for groceries. The person you will be shopping for will provide you with a list of items to be purchased. After which, you’ll and go out and get the job done.

    Websites like Honestbee offer a pay of $11 per hour for grocery shopping. If you can do deliveries as well, then it goes up to $22.20 an hour.

    12. Travel & Bring Exclusive Items Back

    Travelling doesn’t always mean shelling out money never to see it returning. With websites like Airfrov, you can signup for an account with them and bring back items such as food and drinks, collectibles, beauty products and gadgets that are exclusive to your country of travel.

    You can then sell these items at a slightly higher price to interested parties who are looking for the particular items(s).

    This list of 12 ways to earn extra income is not entirely exhaustive. There are definitely other means of getting extra income to supplement your daily needs. All you have to do is to think out of the box!


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