Best Washing Machine Buying Guide In Singapore (2021 Update)

CreditMaster September 7, 2021

Best Washing Machine Buying Guide In Singapore (2021 Update)


One electrical appliance that households cannot do without is the washing machine. There are even families who apply for a personal loan to purchase a washing machine immediately.

Regardless if you’re living in a HDB or a Condo or a landed property, you will need a washing machine.

Research can be tedious unless you’re really passionate about washing machines, fridges, and microwaves. Also, it is very time consuming. You could be running out of time or running out of cash.

Let us do the research and filter through the different types of washing machines in Singapore. This guide to buying a washing machine can help you save time and effort!

1. Washing Machine Time

Most Singaporeans dream about a washing machine that does its work in two hours or less. After all, there are chores to be done, Netflix to be binged, and loved ones to enjoy time with.

We’re not even mentioning errands, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Nope, definitely not focusing on that.

So, if you’re home at 8 or 9 pm, you don’t want to add another 3-hour cycle to your day. You also don’t want your washing machine to be running multiple times over the weekend.

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    Here’s another thing:

    Washing machines can affect your free time. A less efficient washing machine will take a longer time to get the same about of load done. You can use this free time to bond with your children or to earn some extra income!

    Also, non-energy efficient washing machines will increase your electricity bills by up to 20%! Pick an energy saving washing machine that can wash efficiently even at shorter programmes.

    2. Washing Machine AI

    Yes, washing machines have AI now, too. And once you try one of these babies, you’ll never want to go back.

    Here’s why:

    One of the main problems you have before starting a laundry programme is figuring out the correct quantity of detergent. Obviously, larger loads require more detergent, but also smaller loads with more stains.

    This is where an efficient washing machine with AI comes in:

    These products calculate precisely how much water and detergent you need each time, so you’re taking care of three issues:

    • You’re not using too much detergent. Doing that constantly will add up on your grocery bills.
    • You’re not using too much electricity if the stains are still there and your laundry requires another cycle.
    • You’re not losing any time.

    And here’s another common problem:

    The wash cycle you should use.

    Of course, you can ask your mom again. But with an AI washing machine, you can also check the frequently used cycles and pick the right one.

    Besides, if you’re not sure what programme fits according to your materials, your in-home robot can help you choose a suitable cycle. The time you save from fussing over your washing machine will be enough for a quick workout at the gym!

    3. Detergent Auto-Dispensing

    Remember that time you forgot to add detergent?

    You may have initially decided that even a water wash is good enough, so you put your clothes up to dry. Then you decided that water-washed clothes smell like damp dog fur, and so you took them down, reloaded the washing machine, and hung them out again.

    That’s about 3-4 lost hours you could have spent better.

    But there’s a solution for your woes:

    If, like everybody else, you forget to add detergent from time to time, rejoice. An efficient washing machine will allow you to fill in the entire detergent dispenser and use it for several cycles.

    We’ll let that sink in for a moment because there’s another hidden advantage here:

    Saving money on your detergent.

    Buying a good washing machine will help. The washing machine calculates precisely how much detergent you need so you won’t have to add too much or too little.

    4. App-Controlled Washing Machine

    We’re used to having an app for everything in the third millennium, so why not one for our washing machines too? Washing machines by Samsung allow you to control them via your mobile app while you’re in the office!

    An app-controlled washing machine is better than a remote-controlled one.

    A remote control basically enables you to activate the same commands as you would by pushing the washing machine’s buttons. An app allows you to:

    • Get washing tips
    • Choose the best programmes according to your laundry
    • Plan your washing and drying according to your schedule and available time
    • Get troubleshooting advice

    Bonus: Imagine an innovative app-controlled dryer from the same brand as your intelligent app-controlled washing machine. Their parent brand will allow you to sync these two products so that the programmes you’re using together give you the best results.

    5. Energy Saving Washing Machine


    Of course, you want a washing machine that cleans your things completely, but you also need an energy-efficient product.

    Here’s the most common mistake that 99% of people make at this point:

    They compare two or three machines’ kilowatt consumption. This comparison seems logical because, evidently, a washing machine running at 10 kW/ hour more is less energy efficient.

    But here’s the deal:

    Your washing habits and needs influence your energy consumption more.

    For example:

    • You have pets and kids, and so you need a washing machine that removes bacteria and allergens. Choosing a 90-degree programme that runs for two hours is not an energy-saving option. Instead, you should select a washing machine that uses steam to get rid of those pathogens quickly.
    • You live in a hectic household where everyone’s doing their thing. For instance, you finally start a washing cycle just for your teen son to come back from football practice with sweaty equipment. At this point, you’d need to be able to stop the machine, open it, and add the extra clothes inside. Yes, they’ve finally invented these things!
    • You need to wash clothes with very different cleaning requirements. For example, some clothes are rinse-only, so it would be amazing to add them at the end of your cycle instead of starting a new programme. That would save you both time and kW – a lot of both in the long term.

    6. Washing Machine Size And Looks

    If you’re like most Singaporeans, you don’t have much room in your home for your washer and dryer. Compact HDB flats are particularly challenged when it comes to this thing.

    On the other hand, many space-saving washing machines are mid to low quality, flimsy, and with small capacities.

    These models are definitely not suitable for washing a comforter or a 10-kg load.

    Here’s the deal:

    You don’t have to compromise anymore.

    If you live with a large family or simply go through many clothes and only have a tight space for your washing machine, you can find one that meets all criteria.

    Plus, brands manufacture very sleek and stylish models now.

    So, if the style is vital in your home, you can definitely find a model to fit your décor.

    7. Washing Machine Noise Level

    Having a silent washing machine is essential if someone in your home is trying to sleep, study, or meditate during the washing cycle. As such, a noisy washing machine entails more wasted time because you have to fit in different times for all of these activities.

    Luckily, you can find noiseless washing machines too. The good news: most of these models have high-performing motors, and they’re also energy saving.

    Guide On Buying Washing Machine Conclusion

    Technology has evolved a lot during the past few years, so now you can find washing machines you’ve only dreamt about a few years ago. These models allow you to add more clothes or detergent mid-cycle; they’re intelligent, energy-efficient, app-controlled, and silent. Besides, they come in different shapes and styles for all home decors.

    But remember this before choosing your washing machine:

    Consider your primary needs first, and don’t make any compromises on them. That’s the only way to get a washing machine that fits your lifestyle.

    If you are facing any financial difficulties to have your primary needs met, do not hesitate to speak to us! CreditMaster offers personalised financial services and have several years of experience in the finance industry.





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