Small Business Loan Singapore, Company Funding & Capital Raising

Small Business Loan Singapore, Company Funding & Capital Raising

The business environment in Singapore is hardly improving.

Only a few service sectors have witnessed any improved outlook over the last one year. With economic shifts pointing to a slowing global economy, things seem to be getting harder for small businesses in the country.

Big banks are also getting more stringent when offering loans and this again disadvantages small and medium enterprises.

At CreditMaster, we want to change all this. We are one of the country’s premier money lending company targeting both individuals and businesses. We appreciate the role the SME industry has played in spurring growth in this country and are committed to providing easy access to finances to boost small businesses.

CreditMaster Pte Ltd is a homegrown company that has grown in a tough financial sector. Our small business loans target businesses that are seeking to grow amidst the rapid changes in the global financial sector.

If you are a small business entrepreneur seeking a small business loans in Singapore to expand your operations, contact us today to see how we can help you.

Features of CreditMaster Business Loans

At CreditMaster, we understand that the banking industry does not easily provide loans to small businesses. We have therefore designed small business loans that perfectly suit these businesses to ensure they grow and continue playing a key role in the economy.

Some of the unique features of our business loans include:

Easy application: You don’t have to come to our offices for a loan application. Fill the online form and we will get back to you immediately after we looked through your application, and will call you back to make an appointment with us at our office.

Flexible interest rates: Every business is unique and we believe in offering tailored services that suit a particular company’s needs. Give us a call or visit us for more consultation and information.

Fast approval: Our team works fast and you will get a quick response on approval.

Solid advice: Before approval, we will advise you regarding available options and the best to suit your type of business. We assess your business and help you determine how much you really need to borrow. Our loan officers can also help you make an informed financial decision, so feel free to call us to understand better.

CreditMaster at a Glance

We are a legal and licensed moneylender operating in Singapore. Our company has grown on a foundation of trust and customer satisfaction.

We distinguish ourselves by providing high satisfaction guarantee on all our financial products. All our products and services are launched after researching the market needs to guarantee they are suitable for the country’s needs.

We have invested in a team of highly qualified financial experts who will provide you with specialist advice when you are choosing from our range of loan packages.

If you are looking to achieve your business goals in the country, we advise you to contact our financial advisors today.

Whether you are looking to clear an urgent bill or add to the inventory, our short and medium-term loans are well suited to help you out.

Our Small Business Loans

At CreditMaster, we provide small business loans to meet your pressing business needs.

Whether you want to turn your business plan into reality or open a new branch, we have the product to suit you. Our loans are designed to help boost your company’s working capital to meet existing and emerging financial needs.

Our business loans are the best in the industry and we are proud to have helped thousands of businesses grow beyond their expectations. We not only provide financing but also advice to help you choose a loan that suits your business needs.

Eligibility for Credit Master Business Loans

To qualify for our small business loans, you will simply fill an online application form. Other requirements we need for approval include:

  • NRIC copies of the company’s directors
  • Financial statements of the company for the last 6 months.
  • Income Tax Notices of Assessment of the applicant
  • Latest ACRA business profile
  • Tenancy agreement for the company’s premises

We have different loans to choose from including real estate loans, business personal loans and commercial loans to meet the running costs of your company among others.

We will work closely with you to select the package that best suits your business needs.

If you have any small business loan queries, don’t hesitate to have a chat with us or visit our office today for more information. We are always ready to listen and help your business thrive.

We are committed to becoming one of the largest business loan providers in Singapore, and to do this we offer client-centered approach in all our services.

Our company has grown over the years on a foundation of reliability and we strive to protect our reputation by offering excellent financial services.

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