Cost Of Hair Loss Treatments & How You Can Finance Them With A Low Interest Hair Loss Loan Singapore 2020

CreditMaster January 15, 2020

Cost Of Hair Loss Treatments & How You Can Finance Them With A Low Interest Hair Loss Loan Singapore 2020


Going through hair loss can be a distressing affair. As with most people, hair loss can occur due to a variety of reasons. It may be hereditary, part of the aging process, hormonal changes, etc.

So what happens when one experiences hair loss? The next course of action for most would be to seek treatment. However, hair loss treatments can put quite a dent on your finances. They can cost anything between $2,000 – $11,500.

Before committing to any form of hair loss treatment, it is essential to figure out how you will pay for it. Find out whether your insurance plan covers the costs. Coverage may be partial, but in most situations, you will need to pay the bill on your own.

Opting for substantial and credible sources of funding is a worthwhile consideration. Hair loss loans continue to be a popular option that people turn to as a solution for payment. The process of applying for these unsecured loans are simple, fast and straightforward.

Paying for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is generally an unexpected condition in which people may not have anticipated financially. Most patients will have to look for the funds to cater for quality treatment. Hair loss can also be severe in some situations. Hence, requiring urgent medical attention.

The reality is that some individuals may not have the funds that are necessary for treating hair loss. A hair loss loan is a reliable, cost-effective, timely, and useful way to get financial assistance. These loans are personal loans specially designed to fund the cost of getting hair loss treatment.

When calculating how much hair treatments cost, you need to consider factors such as surgical fees and hair grafts. With the financial boost that comes with a hair loss loan, you can have a peace of mind as you seek the treatment that you need. You can then pay off your loan at a comfortable pace.

By applying for a hair loss loan with CreditMaster, you no longer have to put off treatment and can prevent the condition from worsening.

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    Reasons For Hair Loss


    Losing hair can be stressful at any age, especially when it is severe or premature. For several people, it can be damaging to their confidence and self-esteem.

    All individuals develop some extent of hair loss during the aging process. It happens to everyone at some point. When people notice that their hair is falling out, they are usually concerned about whether it can be slowed down or stopped.

    1. Hair Loss In Men

    The process of hair growth slows down drastically in some men. The hair growth phase shortens gradually as the resting period lengthens. Any hair that is growing becomes too short to come out of the follicle eventually.

    This process usually starts along the sides and crown of the head and continues spreading. The patch becomes more prominent when the hairline is receding towards the back. It is a common form of baldness that affects many men by the time they turn 50 and most men by 70.

    2. Hair Loss In Women

    Women are also vulnerable to hair loss, but it is not as common as the levels that men experience. However, the pattern of balding or hair loss is distinct. It usually thins at the top of the scalp instead of a bald patch.

    In women, it usually affects half their hair, and many women do not go bald. However, it can get thin, which can be a significant concern. More than 50% of females experience mild hair loss, while approximately 20% of females develop moderate to extensive hair loss.

    3. Natural Causes

    Although some people attribute hair loss to factors such as wearing hats and excessive washing, hair loss often results from hormonal and genetic factors. Whether or not the hair loss occurs in a specific person, how severe it will be, and the age will be, is determined by genetics.

    Many genes affect how vulnerable you are to hair loss, and these can cam form either side of the family. The interaction of these genes determines what occurs in the children. It means that the issue is how bald you will get rather than the prospect of going bald.

    4. Other Reasons for Losing Hair

    Hair loss is not limited to genetics, as there are reasons that can lead to hair loss.

    • Alopecia is a condition that consists of a person having the immune system attack the hair follicles within the body. It usually appears as a single patch or numerous patches but can affect the entire body in severe cases.
    • Hair loss can result from using certain illnesses, treatments, and medications. It can also occur after a significant surgical procedure after people have a traumatizing like the death of a loved one and stressful situations. In these cases, hair loss is typically temporary, but there is a risk of the condition becoming chronic.
    • Excessive hair treatments like bleaching or dying and styling like blow-drying and straightening can lead to hair loss.
    • Hormonal imbalances or changes that occur with certain medications or during pregnancy can also lead to hair loss.

    Signs Of Hair Loss

    Hair loss can occur in several different ways, which are influenced by what is causing the condition. It can happen gradually or suddenly and affect your entire body or just the scalp. Hair loss may be temporary or permanent. Signs of hair loss include the following

    1. Hair Thinning Gradually On Top Of The Head

    This is a common form of hair loss that affects men and women as individuals get older. In men, the hair usually starts to recede from their foreheads, while women typically retain their hairlines along the forehead as the part in the hair broadens.

    2. Patchy Or Circular Bald Spots

    Several individuals bald spots that are the size of coins and have a smooth texture. This kind of hair loss typically affects the scalp only, but it can also occur in eyebrows and beards. In some instances, the skin may feel painful or itchy before the hair starts falling out.

    3. Sudden Hair Loss

    An emotional or physically shocking experience may lead to hair loss. When pulling, washing, or combing hair, chunks of hair might come out. This kind of hair loss typically causes general hair thinning rather than bald spots or patches.

    4. Hair Loss All Over The Body

    Some medical conditions and treatments like chemotherapy used to treat cancer can lead to losing hair on the whole body. In such cases, the hair often grows back.

    5. Scaling Patches On The Scalp

    This may exhibit symptoms such as oozing, swelling, redness, and split hair.

    Hair Loss Treatments And Costs


    Treatment can begin when diagnosed with hair loss. Some people may choose to wear hairpieces rather than trying to grow their hair, but various options can be considered, including primary and advanced treatment solutions.

    Fundamental solutions typically consist of topical and oral medications that aim to stimulate hair growth. If the condition does not respond to this type of treatment, you can move to the next level of treatment.

    Advanced treatment for dealing with hair loss includes the following:

    1. Follicular Unit Extraction

    This is a popular form of hair loss treatment that involves extracting healthy follicles from the back and sides of the head. The hair gets transplanted to the affected areas. After extraction, there are some small holes, but there are no scars, and the treatment is useful for people who prefer short hair. The average cost of treatment is $4,500.

    2. ARTAS

    Men can consider this robotic transplant technique, especially if they have brown or black hair. A machine helps to facilitate the process by extracting hair follicles and transplanting them to the affected areas. It is an excellent technique because it does not leave any scars, and the area where the follicles get extracted from remains healthy and natural. The average cost of this procedure is $11,500.

    3. Follicular Unit Transfer

    This surgical procedure involves cutting off a layer of skin from a healthy part of the head, which is usually at the back. Follicles are removed from the strip and grated into the affected area. It works well for long hair because the backside of the head can be covered. The average cost of this procedure is $7,000.

    4. Platelet Rich Plasma

    Platelets get harvested from the blood to inject them into bald areas during this non-surgical treatment. The proteins stimulate hair growth within the cell plasma. This type of treatment is usually performed with others to maximize a successful outcome. It costs an average of $2,000.

    5. Neograft

    This requires a handheld device used to extract follicles and transplant them into the affected areas. The treatment is suitable for virtually all types of hair and costs approximately $9500.

    Combat Hair Loss With CreditMaster’s Low Interest Hair Loss Loan


    When hair loss happens, it can be both mentally and physically distressing. During this challenging time, the last thing you need is to worry that you don’t have enough saved up to seek treatment.

    CreditMaster is a reliable and trustworthy licensed money lender that offers you with a low interest hair loss loan.

    Our efficient loan process helps to speed up approval, so that you will be able to receive the money needed to fund your hair loss treatment. This is especially so for those who do not have adequate funds or savings to cover the costs of treatment.

    If you require financial help urgently, the option of getting a hair loss loan is available. Hair loss loans provide financial solutions that deal with hair loss treatment.

    Keep the following factors in mind when applying for a loan:

    • Interest rates: Compare the interest rates that are offered by different lenders. Some are able to offer you better interes rates if you have a good credit score.
    • Loan amount: Different lenders, provide a range of minimum loan amount that you can borrow. As a rule of thumb, you are allowed to borrow up to 6x your monthly income.
    • Terms and conditions: Some various terms and conditions come with credit facilities. Flexible monthly repayments are among the key considerations.
    • Fees: Aside from interest rates, lenders also charge fees such as penalties and processing fees. Adding up these extra costs will help you determine how manageable the hair loss will be.
    • Collateral: Hair loss loans are considered unsecured loans. 

    With CreditMaster’s hair loss loan, you won’t have to put off treatment due to monetary issues. Apply for a low interest hair loss loan with us today. Alternatively, you can also have a chat with our friendly loan consultant to find out more!



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