9 Vet Clinics For Your Fur Babies & Their Prices

Dexter Lee June 19, 2024

9 Vet Clinics For Your Fur Babies & Their Prices

Key Takeaways

Choosing the right vet clinics for your fur babies in Singapore involves understanding the services and pricing. Notable clinics include Vet Affinity (consultations from S$49), Monster Pet Vet (S$48), Island Vet Clinic (S$35 weekdays), and Mount Pleasant Vet (S$40.65). Prices for procedures like sterilization and dental work vary, with some clinics offering specialized services for exotic pets and 24-hour emergency care.

Choosing the right vet clinic is crucial for ensuring the health and well-being of your pets. Given the high costs of veterinary services in Singapore, making an informed decision is essential. You need the right vet for your pet, one who you can trust.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to 9 top vet clinics in Singapore, detailing their services and prices to help you find the best care for your beloved fur babies.

Vet Affinity

Vet Affinity is conveniently located in a busy area, making it easily accessible for pet owners. The clinic’s modern, transparent glass front allows a peek into the waiting area, often filled with pets. Its central location ensures pet owners can quickly reach the clinic for scheduled appointments and emergencies.

Services Offered

Vet Affinity provides a comprehensive range of veterinary services to cater to the diverse needs of pets. These services include:

  • Primary Consultations: Vet Affinity offers thorough health assessments for pets, where veterinarians perform detailed examinations to diagnose underlying health issues.
  • Surgeries: The clinic is equipped to perform various surgical procedures, ranging from routine spaying and neutering to more complex surgeries.
  • Dental Work: Dental health is crucial for overall pet health. Vet Affinity offers dental services, including cleanings, extractions, and other necessary dental treatments.
  • Vaccinations: Keeping pets updated on their vaccinations is essential for preventing diseases. Vet Affinity provides a comprehensive vaccination program tailored to each pet’s needs, protecting them against common illnesses.
  • Diagnostics: The clinic has advanced diagnostic equipment to identify health issues accurately.
  • Online Appointment Booking: Vet Affinity offers a convenient online booking system that allows pet owners to schedule appointments at their convenience.


Vet Affinity is known for its transparent and competitive pricing. The cost of services is as follows:

  • Primary Consultation: The initial consultation fee starts at S$49. This includes a thorough examination and assessment of your pet’s health.
  • Sterilisation: Prices for sterilisation procedures can reach S$270, depending on their complexity and the pet’s specific needs.
  • Dental Work: Dental treatments start at S$480, which includes professional cleaning and any necessary extractions or treatments.

Woodgrove Veterinary Services

Located in Woodlands, Woodgrove Veterinary Services is known for providing comprehensive and compassionate care for pets. This clinic offers a wide range of veterinary services, including:

  • General Consultations: Routine check-ups, preventive care, and health assessments to ensure your pets stay healthy.
  • Sterilisations: Spaying and neutering services to prevent unwanted breeding and associated health issues.
  • Hospitalisation: Facilities equipped to care for pets requiring intensive treatment and monitoring.

The clinic is led by Dr. Enoka, who has over 15 years of experience in veterinary services. Her professional and calm demeanour has earned her the trust and respect of many pet owners, particularly those with cats. Dr. Enoka is known for her ability to put both pets and their owners at ease during visits.

Pricing and Booking

Woodgrove Veterinary Services is transparent with its pricing and does not engage in hard selling. To avoid lengthy waiting times, you should book appointments through their website. This approach helps ensure a smooth and efficient visit and provides timely pet care.

Monster Pet Vet

In the CBD area, Monster Pet Vet is a versatile clinic catering to various pets, including exotic animals like iguanas and terrapins. The services offered by Monster Pet Vet include:

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    • General Medical Services: Routine check-ups, vaccinations, and health assessments.
    • Surgeries: Can perform various surgical procedures to address multiple health conditions.
    • Alternative Therapies: Provides acupuncture and physiotherapy to manage pain and improve pet mobility.


    Monster Pet Vet offers competitive pricing for its services. Consultation starts at S$48, and senior Vet consultation at S$53

    The clinic is known for its extensive range of services, from blood transfusions to oxygen therapy. This makes Monster Pet Vet an excellent choice for pet owners seeking specialised and comprehensive care, whether they are common furry friends or more exotic companions.

    Island Vet Clinic

    Island Vet Clinic has two locations: one in Bedok and the other in Jurong. This dual-location setup provides convenience for pet owners residing in different parts of Singapore. Island Vet Clinic offers a variety of services, including:

    • General Consultations: Priced at S$35 on weekdays and S$50 on weekends.
    • Dental Scaling: Starts at S$155, with costs adjusted based on the pet’s dental condition and weight.

    The clinic is known for its affordable dental services. They consider your pet’s dental health condition and weight to provide fair pricing for procedures like scaling. This makes Island Vet Clinic a popular choice for pet owners who want to maintain their pets’ oral health without incurring high costs.

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    Mount Pleasant Vet

    Mount Pleasant Vet is a well-established veterinary service provider in Singapore, known for its high-quality and ethical care. The clinic has multiple outlets across Singapore, including:

    • Gelenggang
    • Mandai
    • Farrer
    • Serangoon North
    • Clementi
    • Bedok
    • East Coast
    • Changi

    Mount Pleasant Vet provides a comprehensive range of services, such as:

    • Internal Medicine: Diagnosis and treatment of internal health issues.
    • Surgery: Skilled in performing various surgical procedures to address health problems.
    • Dermatology: Treatment for skin conditions, ensuring pets are comfortable and healthy.
    • Acupuncture: An alternative therapy for pain management and other health issues.
    • Oncology: Specialised cancer treatment for pets, providing comprehensive care of severe conditions.

    Mount Pleasant Vet offers reasonable pricing for its high-quality services. Day consultation costs S$40.65, and evening consultation costs S$48.20

    One of Mount Pleasant Vet’s key advantages is its 24-hour emergency service, making it a reliable option for urgent pet care needs. With a vast network of clinics, pet owners can find specialised care for their pets at any time of the day.

    Landon Vet

    Located in western Singapore, Landon Vet specialises in surgery, advanced diagnostic procedures, and cardiology. This clinic is ideal for pets requiring specialised medical attention. Landon Vet offers high-quality care focused on advanced medical procedures:

    • Emergency Consultation costs S$160, up to S$200 on public holidays.
    • Advanced Diagnostics: Includes imaging and laboratory tests to diagnose health issues accurately.
    • Specialised Surgeries: For complex health conditions requiring expert care.

    You need a referral letter from your general vet practitioner or an appointment in advance to visit Landon Vet. This ensures the clinic can provide focused and specialised care for each pet.

    The Animal Clinic

    The Animal Clinic boasts a team of 15 veterinarians, each with unique skills and interests. They regularly attend workshops and conferences to stay updated on the latest veterinary practices. The clinic offers a range of essential services, including:

    • General Consultations: S$55 for standard consultations and S$82.50 for extended sessions.
    • Vaccinations: Starting at S$66.30, with the initial consultation included.

    The Animal Clinic performs minor surgeries, including sterilisation for cats, dogs, and rabbits. Prices range from S$175.95 for cat castration to S$1157.20 for laparoscopic spay, which is minimally invasive and safest for pets.

    Amber Vet Practice

    Amber Vet is popular, especially in East Singapore, offering a range of services to cater to pet owners’ needs:

    • Consultations: Comprehensive check-ups and health assessments.
    • Dental Scaling: Includes cleaning, extractions, and other dental care services.
    • Surgery: Advanced surgical procedures for various health conditions.
    • Diagnostics: Wide range of diagnostic tests, including blood tests, X-rays, and ultrasounds.


    • Amber Vet is known for its thorough care, reflected in its pricing:
    • Consultations: S$45 during off-peak hours, S$67 during peak times.
    • Dental Scaling: Under S$600, which includes blood tests, anaesthesia, and polishing.

    Led by Dr. Brian Loon, Amber Vet is renowned for its high-quality care and extensive services. Its sister clinic, Amber Cat Vet, offers specialised cat services, making it a preferred choice for many pet owners.

    Advanced Vet Care

    Advanced Vet Care is a full-service animal hospital providing 24-hour emergency care and various specialised services, including:

    • CT Scans: For detailed internal imaging.
    • Blood Tests: Comprehensive lab tests to diagnose health issues.
    • Surgeries: Including spinal, soft tissue, and cancer surgeries.

    The clinic’s pricing includes:

    • Standard Consultation: S$42
    • Night Consult: S$128

    Advanced Vet Care is known for its extensive range of services, making it a top choice for pet owners needing thorough veterinary care. Whether routine health checks or emergency surgeries, this clinic provides the necessary medical attention for pets.

    Finding the Perfect Vet Clinic for Your Pet

    Choosing the right vet clinic can be daunting, but considering the services, pricing, and location can help. Read reviews and book appointments in advance to ensure the best care for your pets.

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